Tia Minzoni 

As an entrueprnuer, a veteran marketing executive with a specialty in data-driven marketing,  as well as a sales & business coach, I have worked with media companies, agencies, and enterprises for decades. I've found passion in coaching and consulting both clients and colleagues. There's something I call 'The Miraculous State of Mind' which I share with others and use myself, daily, to reach dreams and goals which are seemingly impossible at first.

I enjoy helping others obtain their goals through strategy, coaching, inspiring, and empowerment. My life has been full of overcoming, I've learned many lessons of great value through adversity and continue to learn through other's experiences as well as my own. When we learn from others, there are fewer mistakes we make ourselves. So for those eager to learn, like me, I hope to generate great intellectual value for you.

Words are an art form. They can be formed into poems, lectures, to express emotions, and my favorite way to use them, as laughter crafters. I am forever a student and fan of word masonry. 

On the personal side,

I'm a mother of one son and four daughters, who are all grown now and have given me a basketball team of grandchildren. Over the last 30 years, I've also become a bonus Mom, Mimi, and Mentor. My two Newfoundland and two miniature schnauzers keep me busy at home. Travel and photography are my two favorite hobbies, but I also love dance, art, and reading. 

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